Advanced Canine Nashville Dog Training

General Obedience, Puppy Training, Personal Protection, and House Breaking techniques

Advanced Canine Nashville Dog Training has been Middle Tennessee’s puppy and dog training leader for over 30 years. Our positive and loving method of training is 100% effective. We specialize in all areas of training and behavior modification/counseling, with an impressive background in Basic and Advanced obedience training using the Positive Reinforcement Method. Consequently, we’ve proven to be Nashville dog owners’ 1st choice for General Obedience, Puppy, and Personal Protection training. When well-trained pets are happier, so are their owners.

Puppy Training

We train your puppy to be your best buddy

Our puppy training program will help you raise a well-mannered companion and family pet. Puppies are brought into an environment to begin socializing with other dogs and people. The owners are then instructed on dealing with various problems such as: housebreaking, crate training, emergency medical treatment and CPR, biting, whining, and destructive chewing, handling the puppy when out of control, and dealing with puppy annoyances that can evolve into serious behavior problems.

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Positive Reinforcement

Advanced Canine uses the Positive Reinforcement Method, not only to train puppies but to eliminate bad habits in older dogs as well. Dog ownership is a lifetime commitment. Positive dog training is a lifelong investment that helps build a positive bond between you and your dog. Regardless of age, dogs thrive on having a purpose and receiving direction. All dogs can learn basic obedience commands when taught with a consistent and positive approach.

Obedience Training

We train your dog to be obedient

At Advanced Canine, we begin dog training with on-leash obedience and behavioral modification, using positive reinforcement. Once your pet has mastered on-leash obedience, you can take your dog to many different levels of training. As part of our training program, we also put your dog into everyday situations to help overcome any existing fears, and to help your dog understand what your needs are. It is our goal to give you a well-trained and well-rounded companion!

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